How to Increase Water Pressure in Your Shower


Make adjustments in main Shut-off Valve

Indulging in shower bath have been proven to have a great effect on your health as well as well being. Just simply standing down the shower in your bathroom can bring a big improvement in your life. However, to make this possible, it is not only necessary to have best shower heads but it also required to have a good water pressure.

Are you having the good shower head system in your bathroom but facing the issue of water pressure?

While having the shower bath, If the level of water pressure that your shower head system delivers is not satisfactory, then you could feel it, a little bit uncomfortable. However, there are plenty of DIY ways available to improve the water pressure. By this DIY methods, you can fix the shower system water pressure issue on your own instead of calling a plumber or shower Installation Company.
Here are some of the trusted and best ways to enhance your shower head water pressure:

Make adjustments in main Shut-off Valve

If the water pressure is low and if you want better shower pressure, then one of the best things you can do to increase the water pressure is to look at your central shut-off valve. This shut-off valve should be opened up all the way. Suppose, if it is not opened, then it could be the main reason for why water pressure is less than optimal in your shower head system.

So just by opening it up all of the ways, you will be able to take care of your water pressure without paying money to a plumbing expert. This is a fast fix that many people have done in order to increase shower head water pressure. To get good water pressure in your shower head you can read the best rain showerhead for low water pressure reviews.

Fix all the water leaks

If there are leaks present in your shower system, then it could direct water away from the shower head. So, if you suspect that leaks in the system are the reason to your low pressure water woes, then making a call to a professional plumber or professional shower installation expert in will be the best way to get the problem analyzed and fixed.

Make adjustments in main Shut-off Valve

Remove Aerators

Most of the people mark that improving the shower head water pressure can be done very simply that is just by taking off the aerators from their shower heads. Yes, of course, it is the best method to increase the water pressure in your shower head. These aerators are very small sized components that add air to the water.

These components are mainly designed to make the shower bath experience a wetter one. But, sometimes, if any issue occurs, they decrease water pressure totally. So removing aerators from your shower head would be a simple DIY method – however, every shower head system is different in its design and method of operation.

So it is best once to check the shower manual given to you while you purchased it, in order to find out where the aerator is present in your shower head system. Make sure that, it should be easy enough for you to put it back in its place if it doesn’t work the way that you want it to.

As these aerators make changes in the way the water flows, by addition of oxygen, they are the main culprits when lower shower head water pressure decreases down. Fortunately, they are very little parts which are very simple to take away and fix the issue.


By following simple yet great tips, you will be able to increase water pressure in your shower head system. Just one tip may be all that you need to fix the water pressure issue. However, the reasons for water pressure decrease in shower head system do vary for different type of showers, so some trial and error methods may be required. For example, if one tip doesn’t work, then try another.

This process of figuring out what’s the thing in your shower head system is causing water pressure problem may take a bit of time and can be a bit complicated. In general, the quick and most useful tips for most of the shower head systems are probably to clean the shower head and then to take off the flow regulator from it.

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