Media giant Dish has announced the acceptance of bitcoins


Media giant Dish has announced the acceptance of bitcoins

  • The American giant of satellite television, the company Dish Network announced that it will begin to accept payments in Bitcoins this year. Dish will be the largest Bitcoin host company at the moment and the first among TV companies that are ready to receive payment for a subscription to their broadcasting in the digital currency.
  • Representatives of the company said that the introduction of a new form of payments will occur before the end of this year, possibly in September.
  • According to the director of operations Bernie Khan, the idea of using cryptocurrency came from the company’s employees themselves, many of whom have recently become bitcoin enthusiasts:
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  • “We have always advocated the provision of convenience and choice for our clients, including the choice of how to pay our bills. Bitcoin is becoming the preferred way of payment for many people, and we want these people to easily use our services. ”
Bitcoin is a very famous cryptocurrency.


  • Khan also noted that the Coinbase commission system is much more attractive than the one offered by credit card vendors.
  • Although the demand for a paid subscription to satellite TV for bitcoins is not yet clear, these actions emphasize that the company is trying to stay in the advanced technology market and be popular for young consumers.
  • “We are happy to support DISH, as well as their existing and new customers in an effort to support cryptocurrency and are ready to help them in making payments using Bitcoin,” says Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam. “This is a big step at a time when more and more people pay bitcoins for such familiar things as a subscription to TV”
  • “Coinbase as a Bitcoin payment provider can provide DISH customers with an easy and affordable way to pay for Bitcoin services, and for DISH itself, an easy way to get payment from customers in dollar terms at an attractive price,” added Khan.
  • According to DISH, their customers will be able to use digital currency to make one-time payments for television services on An additional announcement will be made when the new payment system starts.
  • Dish Network is one of the largest content providers in America, with more than 14 million subscribers only to satellite TV services. With revenues of almost $ 14 billion a year and more than 30 thousand employees, the company will become the largest corporate player in the bitcoin ecosystem. Until now, this place was occupied by the company Overstock, with annual revenues of almost 10 times less, one and a half billion dollars a year. Obviously, Bitcoin’s attack on corporate America continues quite successfully.
  • Many observers have ordered a rise in the Bitcoin price in the last couple of weeks to the fact that the leak of insider information about the upcoming important announcement of Dish has created a stir among informed investors in cryptocurrency markets.

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